The methodology used to prepare the scenarios "Welcome" and "We cannot fail" can be summarized by the following diagram, which represents the sequence of steps that allowed this work to be undertaken in a structured and participatory manner.

Long-term Scenarios for the Portuguese Economy
Roadmap within the HybCO2 Project

The organisation of the workshops was preceded by extensive research work in order to provide a solid foundation for participants to exchange ideas and develop the scenarios. That work consisted on a literature review of sets of uncertainties, taken from scenario building projects undertaken by organisations of recognized reputation in the field of Foresight, which were used as a working basis by the participants in the "Global Scenarios 2050 " and "Scenarios for Portugal 2050” workshops. For the Workshops "Scenarios for Portugal 2050", a "Timeline: The Portuguese Economy in the Global Context" (Timeline: A Economia Portuguesa no Contexto Global) was also prepared with the objective of identifying and making available to discussion the major challenges, patterns and key issues for the future of the Portuguese Economy.

These participatory and co-creative scenario building workshops benefited from the collaboration of a selected number of guests and took place between November 2010 and May 2011. The work performed in these workshops consisted of several steps which are represented in the following diagrams:

Structure of the "Global Scenarios 2050” Workshop

Structure of the "Scenarios Portugal 2050” Workshops